Top 5 Benefits of Septic Pumping

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Top 5 Benefits of Septic Pumping

24 May 2021
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Septic tanks process wastewater from your home or business. But just like a home or a car, regular maintenance is needed to keep them safe and efficient. A neglected septic system exposes your home to problems like unpleasant sewage odors, overflowing toilets, and an overfull septic tank. Septic pumping is one of the most reliable ways of maintaining your septic tank. Read on to learn the benefits of regular septic system pumping. 

Saves You Money

Regular septic pumping ensures your tank is running smoothly without underlying damage. As a result, it saves you from hefty tank repair charges. It also extends the lifespan of your tank, so you don't have to incur the cost of replacement. 

And the best part? You only need to do the pumping once every three to five years. The cost you incur is way below what you would spend on repair and replacements. 

Keeps Your Property Waste Free

When your septic tank is overflowing, some backflows may extend to your yard. This will create pools of wastewater or waste pile-ups that aren't pleasing to the eye. Worst of all, the backflow is likely to have a strong sewage smell. 

Your tank is never overfull with regular septic pumping, meaning you don't have to worry about backflows. You'll be safe from bacterial infections that accompany sewage systems, such as Hepatitis and leptospirosis.  

Protects the Surrounding Environment

If sewage water from your septic tank escapes and flows into water bodies like rivers and lakes, it can result in algal blooms, which are toxic to humans and animals. Regular pumping of your septic system shows you care about the environment. It also saves you from getting into trouble with the local authorities due to environmental pollution. 

Boosts Property Value

A clean septic tank is a testament that your home is well-maintained. In most cases, potential homebuyers will inquire about your tank maintenance history before making their buying decision. If you have neglected your septic tank for many years, your sale might even fall through. 

Also, some lending institutions will require a septic tank inspection before offering a loan to a homebuyer. A clean and well-maintained tank increases the chances of loan approval. 

Reduces Harmful Gasses

Leaving your septic tank unchecked for an extended period increases the accumulation of harmful gasses. In fact, it isn't advisable to open such a tank by yourself as these gasses can be fatal. Septic system pumping ensures there's less gas build-up. This enhances your safety and that of your loved ones.