5 Reasons To Use Restroom Trailers

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5 Reasons To Use Restroom Trailers

17 June 2021
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A restroom trailer is an upgrade on the traditional portable toilet booth, which is little more than a toilet in a box with a chemical-filled hole beneath to catch the waste. If you want something a bit more upscale for your clients and guests at an outdoor event, then a trailer is the way to go. 

1. Odor Control

There is less odor in a restroom trailer compared to a traditional portable toilet because there is no open waste hole under the toilet seat. Some restroom trailers are equipped with flush toilets, but most have RV-style toilets that only open on the waste tank during the flush and are closed the rest of the time. This results in much less odor both inside and around the toilet. AC in the trailer can also help reduce odors. 

2. Hygiene

Since the waste tank is enclosed, the bathroom will be more hygienic. AC keeps the air cool, which can decrease bacterial growth compared to a warm environment. Further, all surfaces in the restroom toilet are made to be easy to clean and sanitize. Many trailers are equipped with water tanks or can be hooked up to water on-site. This means that they can have a working sink inside the toilet, which makes it much easier to wash and sanitize the hands after use. 

3. Comfort

Many people are put off by portable restrooms because they are small and difficult to maneuver inside of, plus the seats tend to be uncomfortable and the open waste tank can be off-putting. A restroom toilet is much more similar to a small toilet area in a home or a toilet stall in a business. There is plenty of room to move around, and the decor and materials used inside are much more attractive than the molded plastic in a portable toilet cubicle. In hot weather, a portable restroom trailer with AC adds even more comfort. 

4. Safety

Safety is always a concern, and here is where restroom trailers shine. They can be equipped with very sturdy steps or ramps, which will also feature handrails. The entrance and steps are anti-slip, and there are typically safety rails near the toilet. There is no worry about slipping into an open waste tank hole, either, which makes these more comfortable to use for children. 

5. Site Simplicity

Trailers can be parked in any location that is relatively level and accessible by the delivery truck. The trailers are equipped with integrated jack stands so they can be leveled securely — no need to seek out perfectly level ground for a toilet booth. You do not even need to have electricity nearby, as most come with generators to power lights and the air conditioner. 

Contact a company that provides portable restroom trailers with AC for more information.