It's Bigger Than A DIY Project: Why Your Drains Need To Be Professionally Cleaned

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It's Bigger Than A DIY Project: Why Your Drains Need To Be Professionally Cleaned

12 July 2021
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If you've got sluggish drains and you want to save money, you might have been reading up on the latest do-it-yourself methods. Some do-it-yourself methods are great for eliminating drain odors, but they won't do anything to actually clean your drains. In fact, they may leave you with bigger issues than you had before. That's why you need to rely on professional drain cleaning. When you enlist the help of a professional drain cleaning service, you know that the job will be done right. Beyond that, you also know that you'll avoid the issues described below. Here are just four of the reasons you need to have your drains cleaned by a professional. 

You Might Make the Problem Worse

If your drains are a little sluggish right now, the best way to eliminate the problem is to have them cleaned. Drain cleaning removes the sludge and slime that can cause sluggishness. However, if the wrong method is used, you could end up making the problem worse. This is especially true if you try to clean the drains on your own. You could actually push the sludge and slime into one big, messy clog. If that happens, you won't be dealing with sluggish drains. You'll be dealing with clogged drains, which is considerably worse. Don't make the problem worse. Hire a professional to clean your drains. 

You Might Damage Your Plumbing

If you're thinking about renting a motor-powered snake to clean your drains, you should rethink that decision. You might not realize this, but if you don't know how to use a motor-powered snake, you could actually do considerable damage to your pipes. Not only that, but you could end up injuring yourself if you try to use a motor-powered snake on your drains. The best way to avoid the damage, and the injuries, is to leave the drain cleaning to the professionals. 

You Might Harm the Environment

If you plan to clean your own drains using chemical cleaners, you could end up harming the environment. This is especially true if you use too much of the chemical cleaner or if your drains leak. You might not know this, but chemical drain cleaners can be harmful to the environment. In fact, they can contaminate the groundwater. One way to reduce the risk to the environment is to hire a drain cleaning service. They can clean your drains without the use of harmful chemicals. 

You Might Miss a Bigger Issue

If you're dealing with sluggish drains, you might think that slime and sludge are causing the problem. That might be part of the problem. However, there's always a chance that other issues are at play. Some of those issues may include root obstruction, pest infestations, or sewage backups. If you try to clean your own drains, you might miss those bigger issues that need to be addressed.