4 Warning Signs You Need Septic Tank Cleaning Services

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4 Warning Signs You Need Septic Tank Cleaning Services

28 July 2021
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The management of wastewater and sewage depends on a septic tank or the main sewer lines. The former option is preferred by many homeowners who want to live off the grid without relying on the services of public sewer lines. However, while owning a private septic tank comes with immense benefits, you will also be primarily responsible for maintaining the septic tank.

Here's where septic tank cleaning services come in. Watch out for the following signs that you need to schedule septic tank cleaning services immediately.

1. Slow and Blocked Drains

The drains in your showers, kitchen sinks, and toilets are connected to a network that redirects wastewater to the septic tank. While not all clogged and slow drains will signal a problem with the septic tank, you cannot rule it out.

An overfilled septic tank hardly has enough space to take in more water. As a result, the septic tank slows down the speed of the wastewater flowing in the pipes. This explains why you might have slow drains. A septic cleaning service may help eradicate the problem and restore full functionality.

2. Drain Field Puddles

Have you noticed unusually green grass or spongy spots in your yard, particularly near the drain fields? Then, it's important to inspect further and determine the reason behind it. For example, when your septic tank overflows, solid debris could make its way out of the septic system via the drain field.

This explains the unusual green grass growth in certain spots. In addition, the drain field may clog when passing out solid waste. Unfortunately, this also creates the perfect conditions for health hazards. Therefore, you should schedule a septic tank cleaning service to protect your drain field, tank, and your health.

3. Strong Unpleasant Odors

What goes into the septic tank should stay in the tank except for the effluent. So, when you notice unpleasant smells from the area near the drain field or the drains in your home, you know something is amiss.

The odor can be from a clogged or overfilled septic tank. Take immediate action to clear the mess up and restore a pleasant atmosphere.

4. Raw Sewage Backup

There is no more apparent sign of an overfilled septic tank than sewage backups. It presents adverse health and safety hazards. Untreated backups might also result in irreversible septic tank damages. If you notice sludge leaving an awful smell in your sinks or toilets, you might want to schedule a cleaning service immediately. The earlier it is rectified, the fewer problems you have to face.

If you have concerns with your septic tank condition and liquid levels, or perhaps you have encountered any of these signs discussed above, it is time to call a septic tank cleaning service. The professionals will then diagnose any other problem and find a suitable solution.