Insight To Help Prepare For A Septic Tank Pumping Service

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If you are someone with a septic system, have you ever walked outside, stood in your yard, and thought about the tank and greater septic system that lies beneath your feet? There's more to this system than you might know. It's not just a septic tank. It's a system of pipes that carry waste water away from the tank, and it's also a drainfield, made from soil. The next time you call a septic service to care for your tank, watch them work and ask questions. Also, make sure you spend some time reading this blog to become more aware of the basics.


Insight To Help Prepare For A Septic Tank Pumping Service

5 October 2021
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Septic servicing and maintenance are essential to your residence for a healthy property. Septic servicing and pumping on a regular basis are important to follow. Here are some tips to help you prepare for an upcoming septic pumping.

Recognize Any Problems

As a homeowner with a septic tank and system, it is important that you remain aware of your system on the property. When you are always aware of your septic system, you can keep it protected with the right usage practices and by not flushing waste into the system that is going to harm it. For example, don't use a kitchen disposal and don't flush down anything other than sewage waste, water, and toilet tissue. 

Keep an eye on your system for any signs of clogs or problems. There may likely be problems in your septic system if you notice issues, such as slow-flowing drains or toilets that repeatedly clog, and gurgling noises from your plumbing. If you notice standing water in your yard where the drain field is located or sewage odors, this is a sign of problems that you need to discuss with your septic professional and arrange for a pumping.

Arrange For Scheduled Service

When you are planning for a professional septic pumping appointment, be sure you have all the details and plans arranged for the servicing. Your septic professional is going to need to have access to the septic tank in your yard, and there are several details you need to plan for. 

Make sure you know where your septic tank is located in your yard. If you are a new homeowner and have not accessed the tank but know you have one, the septic pumping professional can help you locate it using their location device, they just need to be aware of the need. They will be able to locate the tank and its access hatch, even if it is below the soil. Often a septic tank access lid can become covered by dirt after erosion and soil runoff over the course of several years. And some septic tank lids are actually buried below the landscaping in order to keep them safe.

Talk to your septic professional about how close they need to park their truck to pump out the tank, and make sure there is adequate space. Your septic professional will arrive with their truck and a length of hose, which they can use to reach through landscaping obstacles if needed. However, it is best if you have direct access with a driveway or parking pad so the truck can park as close as possible to the septic tank and its lid.

Be available at your home for when the septic professional arrives to pump your tank, so you can direct them to the pump's location when it is available. If your tank has had any problems or issues recently or signs of clogs or flooding, you will need to let the service professional know so they can pump, inspect, and make any repairs to the tank and your septic system.