Signs Your Well May Need Repair

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Signs Your Well May Need Repair

2 December 2021
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Keeping a home running smoothly goes beyond a sturdy frame and solid electrical unit. Things like a bad well can occur without a lot of warning. Then it seems like overnight, you are left without access to running water. Oftentimes there are things that pop up that may indicate a serious problem. Check out these signs that your well may need repair. 

Water Is Discolored

Have you been running your faucet only to find that the water is dirty or discolored? This may be from your well not functioning properly. This could be caused by a crack in the line somewhere or by the pump hitting minerals and sentiment that is supposed to remain at the base of the well. Any smells or discoloration is a potential red flag. 

Little to No Water Pressure

Does the water trickle down slowly when you turn the shower on all the way? If so, the low water pressure generally indicates a problem with the well or pump. It could also mean the well is running dry and needs to be re-dug in another location. There are several causes for low water pressure, and a well-drilling specialist will need to inspect the system. 

Air in the Pipes

Changes in air pressure or an irregular water flow can lead to air getting caught in the pipes. This can be startling more than anything. It often makes a loud noise, which can sometimes cause the entire faucet to shake and make a clanking noise. In addition, water flow and pressure are interrupted. The result is low and irregular water pressure that makes it hard to do anything that requires steady water flow. Air in the pipes could indicate that they need to be cleaned out or replaced if there is an airflow issue. 

Pump Runs Continuously

The main function of the pump is to draw water up from the well tank so its available for use. Then the tank should shut off. If it runs all the time, it is working too hard. This can drive the electric bill up and eventually blow up the water pump. Getting it serviced right away will determine the cause and allow the technician to troubleshoot accordingly. 

Maintaining your well and water supply to the home is important. Subtle signs arise that can give you a good indication something is not working properly. Getting underlying issues addressed early on rather than later can save you not only thousands of dollars but a lot of headache too. Reach out to a water well repair service to take care of any issues.