Installing A New Septic System For Your Home

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Installing A New Septic System For Your Home

10 February 2022
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The installation of a new septic system can be a major project to undertake. Whether this is for a home that is being newly built or to upgrade the septic system of an older home, homeowners will want to be as prepared as possible before they start this process.

There Are a Variety of Local Regulations Your Septic System Design Will Need to Satisfy

During the process of designing a new septic system for your property, it is necessary to be mindful of the local regulations that may govern this part of your plumbing system. For example, there may be a need for these systems to be buried at a minimum depth below the surface. Also, the size and effectiveness of the drainfield may be governed by these regulations to ensure the waste is spread over a large enough area.

Utility Lines Will Need to Be Marked Before the New Septic System Can Be Installed

The installation work for a new septic tanks system will involve a sizable amount of excavation. This is needed to ensure that septic lines are not damaged during the process of excavating the soil for the tank and the drainfield. If this damage occurs due to failure to have these buried lines marked, you could face expensive repairs as you may be liable for the work that is needed to restore these lines. Fortunately, having these lines marked can be quickly scheduled with the local utility services. Furthermore, these services are likely to have little to no fee.

Consider the Maintenance Needs of the Septic Tank When Deciding on a Design for It

As you are deciding on the placement and type of septic tank to install, the maintenance needs of these tanks should be considered. More specifically, these tanks will need to be pumped on a regular basis. Due to this need, they should be installed in an area where they can be easily accessed. Additionally, the choice of a septic tank that has an access hatch that can be easily reached by a pumping service can further reduce the difficulties and eliminate the need to have excavation work done when it comes time to pump the septic tank. Regretfully, these are factors that homeowners often fail to consider when preparing for this project, which may make it more difficult and less convenient to have this essential work done to their septic tank in the future.

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