How Should You Position Your Portable Toilet Rentals During Your Upcoming Event?

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How Should You Position Your Portable Toilet Rentals During Your Upcoming Event?

23 March 2022
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If you plan a corporate outdoor event or a wedding party, portable toilet rentals are essential things you need to have. Besides being a requirement for such a big event, portable toilet rentals can help ensure your guests are happy and comfortable. But just as there are general rules or acceptable places where you can put your dust bin, there are also guidelines to follow when you rent portable toilets. Here is a closer look at some essential tips for placing your portable toilet rentals.

1. Make Them Visible

When you think of a place to put your portable toilet rentals, the first thing that may come to your mind is placing them in a location that is not visible to your guests. While this may serve your aesthetic interest, it may get in the way of your guest's enjoyment during the event. Yes, portable toilet rentals may not offer the comfort and convenience they are supposed to if your guests have to guess or look everywhere to find them. Instead of hiding them, put them where they can easily be seen but not so close to where your guests will be seated. You could also put signage if there is a structure blocking them.

2. Spread Them Out

One of the best ways to make your guests comfortable is to ensure no long restroom queues at your party. Unfortunately, this might be the case if you put your portable toilet rentals in one location. To avoid long queues and unsatisfied guests, have toilets in every corner of the outdoor party venue. This way, the portable toilet rentals will be more accessible so that your guests can relieve themselves conveniently.

3. Don't Place the Toilet Far Away From the Refreshment Area

If there will be meals at your upcoming event, you may be tempted to place your portable toilet rentals far away from the refreshment area. This may seem like a smart hygienic move, but it will make your guests uncomfortable in more ways than one. To illustrate, when your guests eat, they may want to relieve themselves. Placing the restrooms miles from the refreshment areas means they have to walk a long distance to reach them, which might make them uncomfortable. It is best to request the toilet rental company to help you choose the ideal location to position them.

Renting portable toilets is only part of the process. You must also determine the best place to place them. If you need portable toilet rentals for your event, work with a reliable portable toilet rentals company. They will help you decide the right number of portable toilet rentals you need and determine the best place to put them.