Cleaning Your Septic Tank? Here Are Common Errors To Avoid

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Cleaning Your Septic Tank? Here Are Common Errors To Avoid

6 June 2022
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When you have a septic system, among the most important practices you should never overlook is ensuring that you pump out what it contains whenever an accumulation occurs. This is in an effort to achieve a system that is free from scrum and sludge that builds up. Leaving such materials to accumulate will block your drain field, leading to expensive repairs. When cleaning the tank, involve the expert services of a professional to help you avoid errors that may lead to problems in the future. Here are some of the pump-out mistakes you should avoid.

Over-pumping The Tank

When it comes to tank cleaning, ensuring that you do it frequently doesn't necessarily mean pumping it all the time. It's advisable to perform septic tank cleaning every 3 to 5 years, but this isn't necessary. There are plenty of things to consider before pumping out your tank. For instance, you have to consider the age of your tank, the frequency of use, and its capacity. Understand that pumping should be performed following sludge and scrum buildup assessment. Once this is complete, the professionals will advise on whether to pump out your tank.

Cleaning Without Seeking Professional Help

A rule of thumb is to seek the help of a professional before cleaning commences. They will check the level of the tank and advise whether to pump it out immediately. They'll inspect your plumbing and drain field for any problems, and if your septic tank has issues, they'll address them before the pumping can begin.

Neglecting Septic Tank Pumping

As long as the septic system is working correctly, you are likely to overlook maintenance and only call a professional when the tank has extensive damage. Failure to routinely inspect your septic tank can lead to problems with the drain field, which plays a huge role in treating wastewater from your tank. If you don't perform periodic servicing, it can cause system malfunction or collapse. 

Pumping Out the Liquid

When cleaning your septic tank, avoid pumping out the liquid and leaving the residue. The removal should also include the sludge and floating scrum for effective performance. Many professionals will move the pumping hose around the rank, breaking up the solid and liquid waste before removing them.

You rely on your septic tank to ensure the proper removal of wastewater from your home. To avoid issues with your tank, you want to avoid mistakes highlighted in this guide. 

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