Planning To Hire A Drain Cleaning Service? 3 Types Of Drain Cleaning They Can Offer

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Planning To Hire A Drain Cleaning Service? 3 Types Of Drain Cleaning They Can Offer

30 June 2022
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A drain cleaning service has many types of drains and other services they can offer their customers. If you have a contractor coming to your home to clean drains for you, keep reading to learn about three different services they can offer. 

Clean Kitchen Drain

The drain cleaning service can clean all drains in your kitchen. They will thoroughly clean the drain to remove all stuck-on debris. If you have constant clogs in your kitchen drains, this will also remove all the clogs for you. This works much better and is safer for your drains than you purchasing a drain cleaning product at the store. 

To remove clogs, the contractor may use a drain snake to loosen and break up the clogs. The snake is long and can get deep into the pipes. There may be times when they have to remove pipes to get to the clog and remove it. 

Clean Bathroom Drains

The drain cleaning service can also clean all drains in the bathroom. This includes the bathroom sink, shower, and toilet. Bathroom drains easily become clogged from hair, styling products, soap, shampoos, etc. Over time these things build up inside of the drain, causing a clog. These can be hard to remove as sometimes you would need to take the pipe apart to get the clog out. A dirty bathroom drain can also lead to fruit flies, which can become a nuisance.

The drain cleaning service removes the clog and then cleans the drain. If there are clogs in the toilet, they may use a snake or a roto-rooter to remove these. If the clog is deep in the toilet, they may have to clean sewer lines.

Clean Sewer Lines

The drain cleaning service can also clean sewer lines for you. These are outside and can become clogged over time. Once this happens, you will experience a lot of clogged drains inside your home on a constant basis. 

The drain cleaning company will often use hydro jetting to clean inside sewer lines. This uses pressurized air and water that pushes the debris and breaks down all the clogs inside the sewer line. Once the sewer lines are clear, the drain cleaning service may use the hydro jetter to then clean inside the lines.

The drain cleaning service can give you much more information about the services above, as well as other ways they can help you with cleaning drains. 

Contact a drain cleaning service to learn more.