Signs Your Well Pump Needs Service

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Signs Your Well Pump Needs Service

27 September 2022
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You'll have to service your pump often if you depend on a well for water. It's the only way to keep your residential water well pumps in top condition. But how does a homeowner know that a well pump needs service? Here are the tell-tale signs you ought to look for.

A Drop in Water Pressure 

The water pressure in your residence should remain constant as long as there is water in the well. And if there is any drop in water pressure, it shouldn't be noticeable. So, if the drop in water pressure is significant, your well pump needs service. The decline in performance can only be attributed to the lack of maintenance. Therefore, you can restore the optimum performance of your residential well pump by hiring a plumber to service it. If everything is okay, the water pressure should increase after the tune-up.

Strange Noises 

Weird noises are always a sign that your well pump has an issue that needs sorting out. In most cases, the strange noises come from the mechanical parts of your submersible or jet pump. In some cases, you'll find foreign objects stuck in your impeller. Luckily, your plumber can remedy the problem during their routine checks. So, if you hear shredding, grinding, or rattling sounds coming from your residential water well pump, call a plumber to repair or service it. 

The Pump Runs Constantly

Your well pump running constantly should worry you. The constant running will cause your pump to wear out quickly. Besides, it will drive up your electricity bill. As such, you must get the issue sorted out immediately. But before you call the plumber, check whether you have any plumbing fixtures that are running. If there's none, call the plumber to check if the pressure control switch settings are correct or if there is a leaking drop pipe.

Discolored Water

The water coming from your fixtures should always be clean as long as the well pump is in good condition. So, never assume that everything is okay even when discolored water is coming from your pipes. Sediments and soil in the water mean that your residential well pumps have become susceptible to infiltration. As such, you should call a plumber to solve the malfunction.

No Water

There is obviously something wrong if no water runs from the faucets. High chances are your water pump has a blown fuse or faulty wiring. You also need to confirm that your power source isn't dead. Whatever is causing the well pump not to push water into your home can only be addressed by your plumber.

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