Tips To Keep Portable Toilets Clean During An Event

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Tips To Keep Portable Toilets Clean During An Event

14 October 2022
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Are you hosting an outdoor event for a few days and need enough restrooms for your guests? Portable toilet rental is one of the best solutions you can consider. You will get as many toilets as you need, depending on the number of expected guests. Through portable toilet renting, you will ensure your guests get an ideal place to relieve themselves when the need arises.

Once you get adequate portable potties, you must determine how to keep them clean. This way, the guests will be comfortable using the toilets throughout the multi-day event. Below are tips you may consider to keep the toilets clean for longer.

Get Adequate Sanitation Supplies

Sanitation supplies like toilet paper, trash cans, disinfectants, and soap will be required to maintain cleanliness in the portable toilet during the event. The quantity of these supplies will depend on the expected guests. 

For instance, you cannot expect one or two trash cans to serve fifty people at the event. When you get adequate trash cans, guests won't flush things that shouldn't go down the toilets. A lot of trash fills the toilet quickly and may cause foul smells and blockages during the event. 

So, provide all the required sanitation supplies and directions on how the guests should clean up after using the toilet. This way, they will always leave the portable toilet in good condition for those who will use the bathroom afterwards.

Determine How You'll Control Odor

Smell plays a vital role in how guests perceive cleanliness in portable toilets. Even a clean bathroom will appear filthy if it is smelling awful. Similarly, a fresh porta potty is perceived to be cleaner. 

For this reason, you should find a way to ensure all the portable restrooms smell fresh throughout the multi-event. One way to accomplish this is to open the doors regularly to release all the odors trapped inside. Also, consider getting air freshening strips that combat stickiness.

Hire Professionals to Clean the Porta Potties

Another way to ensure your portable restrooms don't smell and remain clean is to seek professional toilet cleaning services. While you might not need this service for an event that runs for a few hours, you should seek the service if you have a multi-day event. These professionals will clean the restrooms regularly and ensure they are in good condition. 

Usually, they come up with cleaning schedules, so you won't need to worry about the condition of the washrooms. The toilet emptying and cleaning schedule will be customized to accommodate the guests' usage habits. This means that guests will not face inconveniences throughout the event.

For more information, contact a portable toilet rental service near you.