How Often Do You Need Your Septic Tank Cleaned?

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How Often Do You Need Your Septic Tank Cleaned?

12 December 2022
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Your septic tank does a lot of work every single day, numerous times per day. It removes waste and water from your home and holds it in the tank until it needs to be pumped out or cleaned out. Pumping and cleaning are actually two different jobs, as pumping only removes the floating waste and the liquids, whereas cleaning actually removes all of the waste, even what is left behind after it has been pumped out. You may not know how often you need to have your septic tank cleaned. Read on for some helpful information about your septic tank and what factors indicate how often you need to have your tank cleaned.

The Tank Size 

The size of your tank may indicate how often you should have your tank cleaned. If your tank is a smaller-sized tank, it may need to be cleaned out more often. The larger the tank, the less often it will need to be cleaned out. If your tank is small, it may need more cleaning and more often. You should figure out what size tank you have, as you may need a larger tank for your needs to prevent needing it to be cleaned so often.

The Size Of Your Household

If you have a large household, you are going to use more water and have a lot more waste. If you have a lot of waste and water, it is going to need to be cleaned out more often. Your tank is going to need more cleaning and pumping if you have a lot of people in your household. Consider how often just one person flushes a toilet, washes their hands, showers, uses the sink, or washes clothing, then multiply those times the number of people in your home. That could equal a lot of waste and wastewater.

The Usage Of Your Tank 

Along with your household, the usage of your tank can also affect how often you need to have it cleaned. If you use a lot of toilet paper or the wrong type, it could cause more accumulation in your tank. If you are putting items that do not belong in your drains and then into the tank, this can also cause waste to accumulate faster, and will then require you to have it cleaned.

If you have a septic tank and you aren't sure how often it is going to need to be cleaned out, you should consult a professional septic tank cleaning company for help. Call a professional to go over the usage of your system and other information if you are not knowledgeable about septic tanks to help you better understand the system.

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