Your Septic Maintenance Plan

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Your Septic Maintenance Plan

30 January 2023
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If you fail to have your septic tank pumped out on a recurring basis, you may eventually deal with the unfortunate circumstance of needing to have the septic system replaced. The following maintenance guidelines will aid with keeping the septic system in operable order. 

Pumping Essentials

The size and style of a septic system will influence how quickly it will fill up and require a pump out. If you do not remember the last time that the septic tank was pumped out, you may want to schedule this essential service through a septic system technician. Receiving a pump out now will allow you to consult with the technician and set up future pump outs that will be performed at targeted times.

A service provider is someone who can upgrade your system too. They can ensure that there are no leaks in any of the lines. If a filter isn't used with your system, they may advise that you have one installed. A filter is an accessory that will prevent suspended solids from exiting the septic system. Choosing to have this type of upgrade performed will ensure that your septic system continues to operate.

Bacterial Treatments And Personal Maintenance

Bacterial treatments are products that can be added to the septic system. There are many products on the market that are designed to be flushed down toilets. These types of products will be routed through a septic system. The products will effectively break down solids. As a result of each treatment, the amount of waste that is stored within the septic tank will be regulated. A treatment may last for several months.

Being vigilant about the amount of water that you use can also reduce septic problems. For instance, if you currently wash many loads of laundry in a single day, you can begin staggering when you wash clothes. When a lot of water is drained in a single day, it is all routed into the drain field.

An overload of water may cause the drain field to flood and can cause the septic tank to fill up prematurely. Using less water will assist with proper drainage. There are many ways that you can conserve water, including taking shorter showers and baths and washing dishes on a less frequent basis. These simple steps will help preserve the condition of the septic system, in between pump outs.

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