Advantages Of Routine Drain Cleaning

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Advantages Of Routine Drain Cleaning

1 August 2023
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Routine maintenance will help to keep your home in the best condition possible. You want to have your roof inspected periodically, have your asphalt sealcoated as needed, have your HVAC system serviced annually, and more. An important home maintenance task to have done is having the drains cleaned regularly. Routine drain cleaning offers several benefits for maintaining a healthy and properly functioning plumbing system. This article will go over some of the advantages of having your drains regularly cleaned. 

Prevent Drain Clogs

The biggest benefit to having the drains cleaned is preventing the buildup of debris, grease, hair, soap scum, and other substances that can lead to clogs. Drain cleaning removes any debris already starting to line the drains and pipes and gets rid of any blockages that may already be occurring in the plumbing system. 

Improve Drain Flow

When the pipes start narrowing due to buildup that's taking place, it can cause the drains to start draining slower. When you have the drains cleaned, the removal of all that gunk will result in fast-draining sinks, tubs, and showers. 

Prevent Backups

When the plumbing system gets blockages, it can also lead to backups. These backups can cause water damage in the home and lead to unsanitary conditions. Routine drain cleaning can prevent these backups from happening. 

Keep the Basins Cleaner

When you have the drains cleaned and the buildup is removed to improve drainage, this will also prevent water from lingering in the sinks and tubs. Improving the draining will make it easier for you to clean the sinks and tubs because there won't be as much soap scum, calcium buildup, and other debris lining them and making it harder to keep them clean. 

Prevent Repair Issues

When the plumbing system has a lot of buildup, it also puts more stress on the system. This stress can lead to more plumbing issues. Along with clogs, you can also end up with more leaks and other problems you have to have a plumber come out to repair. 

Prevent Odors in the Home

A buildup in the system, clogs, and slow-draining drains can all lead to foul odors in the home, especially in the kitchen where food particles can get hung up on the buildup. When the drains get regularly cleaned, it will help the home to smell fresher. 


Now that you have a better idea of why routine drain cleaning can be so important, you may want to schedule someone to come out and clean your drains. Reach out to a drain cleaning service near you to learn more.