3 Clues That Point To The Need For Emergency Septic Services

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3 Clues That Point To The Need For Emergency Septic Services

18 July 2023
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Residential septic systems can be a bit frightening to the homeowner who has just acquired a home outfitted with this type of sewer system. After a few months, however, homeowners often come to respect and admire their home's waste disposal system. In addition to their ability to effortlessly turn wastewater and solids into effluent that is returned to the earth, a residential septic system has no monthly bills for usage or periodic notices of higher usage costs in the future. 

It is important to note, however, that the residential septic system can suffer issues that the homeowner will need to be prepared to address. In some instances, addressing the issue may involve contacting an emergency septic service. The following information will describe three clues that are likely to need the services of an emergency septic service technician. 

Unpleasant odors in or around the home

Homeowners who are new to the idea of using a residential septic system are often surprised to find that no sewage odors are detectable, as long as the system is in good working order. However, when an issue arises, solid and liquid waste processing can slow or stop, often leading to the development of odors inside and outside the home. 

Sewage backups in the home or yard

If raw sewage begins to back up inside the drains of the home or pool on the lawn in the area of the septic tank, an immediate need for emergency service has developed. Sewage backup or pooling can be caused by a tank that has filled to capacity, blockages in the pipes of the septic system, or cracks or breaks in the septic tank itself, all of which will require the assistance of an emergency septic system service. 

Failed drain field or septic tank

Failed or slow drain fields and septic tank failures are also indications that an emergency situation has developed. In some instances, having an emergency septic service pump out the septic tank will help to restore functionality to the system. 

Homeowners who are noting any of the clues explained above may be facing an imminent emergency with their home's septic system. If ignored, these problems can make it impossible to use the plumbing system in the home and the occupants will need to find another place to live until repairs can be made. 

At the first sign of a developing septic system issue, homeowners should immediately contact a reputable emergency septic service so that the septic tank can be pumped and repairs made before major damage develops. For more information on emergency septic services, contact a company near you.